Show Notes Ep 700 – Lost Episode from the Mind Pump Vault- Mobility & Range of Motion

  • “Goddammit Doug!” Find out who created the phrase? (2:52)
  • Justin “Sports Center” Andrews at his finest…The guys talk old school cartoons. (4:00)
  • Can you break your dick? Yes, the guys go there! They also share stories about getting into fights and what they would do. (8:50)
  • Coming in with a low standard. The guy talk about the Lululemon seminar they held for a runner’s group! (14:56)
  • Mobility and range of motion masterclass to master the squat and get the competitive edge (20:46)
    • Be willing to compromise and becoming aware (32:00)
    • Changing the focus of your goals (37:35)
    • Range of motion vs. Controlled range of motion (39:10)
    • Frequency is king! The guys give actionable tips to start. (48:05)
    • How do the guys stay motivated? (57:33)

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