Show Notes Ep 698 - Kimera Koffee Quah

  • Childhood cartoon trivia!! Who wins versus Adam and Justin?? Come find out! (5:24)
  • First Celebrity crushes…The guys spill the beans! (8:25)
  • Tom Brady recent endorsement with Under Armour…Product to attach to them or marketing at its best? (14:28)
  • Mind Pump Current Events:
    • Amazon to rival Kaiser Permanente?? (23:28)
    • Adam on Joe Rogan??!! (33:48)
  • Kermit and Christmas Blends from Organifi and the benefits of both. (38:02)
  • Want a fat bomb?! Come get Sal’s recipe for his shake! (39:15)
  • Adam the White Elephant King?! Hint: Sex toys involved. (41:45)
  • Quah question #1 – The benefits of pause reps? (45:17)
  • Quah question #2 – When training, why do weights feel heavy on some days and easier on others? (55:22)
  • Quah question #3 - How do you break a bad habit? (1:06:38)
  • Quah question #4 – What is the best personality type for those in the fitness industry? (1:22:36)

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