Show Notes Ep 697 – Kyle Kingsbury

  • The Director of Human Optimization, Kyle Kingsbury. (3:13)
  • Kyle tells the story of how life works in mysterious ways. How the podcast with fell apart and his plane flight with Aubrey Marcus. (4:50)
  • The struggle and stress of moving…how has it affected his family? (12:53)
  • “The new guy hosting the ONNIT podcast is inspiring…” Allowing your guests to talk. The guys discuss podcasting and how Kyle has put his own voice on his. (20:00)
  • The softball pitch question. Come listen from Kyle what he means by that. (28:40)
  • Kyle opens up about his Burning Man experience and the effect/impact it had on him. (31:01)
  • “Working out, but not working in.” Using practices from Paul Chek and Mike Salemi, Kyle went back to working on himself. (38:45)
  • The Spirit Ranch in Sedona. “How can we give people a transforming/mind altering experience that is not illegal?” Listen to how he describes his experience. (46:15)
  • Becoming more aware. The guys share their own experiences and give actionable tips. (56:45)
  • Kyle goes off on the treatment of fighters in the UFC. (59:38)
  • Life is a journey. The compound effect of his relationships and how they have helped him get to where he is today. (1:04:04)
  • Learn and share wisdom to the world. Continued self-growth and mastery. Kyle talks about legacy and how he strives to be the best person. (1:15:00)

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