Show Notes Ep 695 – Aubrey Marcus

  • Own the Day! Aubrey talks about his upcoming book. The struggle, the re-writes and his inner growth during the process. (6:52)
  • Who is Aubrey’s guru? The people who helped him get pen to paper. (11:11)
  • This book is the manual he wishes he had. Depression, anxiety and what Aubrey did to conquer his inner fears. (15:14)
  • “The struggle of the expectation of what I want to happen and what is happening.” Aubrey shares the growth of ONNIT and the challenges that come with it. (30:10)
  • Cracking the code of success. Aubrey shares the struggle of reaching a bigger demographic and making ONNIT a global company. (39:00)
  • Writing wins. He talks bigger goal of wanting to become a leader of a movement. (44:00)
  • Firing out of gratitude and seeing the best in people. Aubrey explains how he has let people go and the emotions that come with it. (50:30)
  • People push away the things they are scared of. Trauma is the score of fear. The guys talk psychedelics and the misconceptions that come with the unknown. (56:00)
  • No savings account? Aubrey talks how money is energy and how he cycles money. (1:05:30)
  • “The things that sting, I need to clean.” Who does Aubrey go to for ego check? (1:08:00)
  • Fear is the one virus. Ride or die vs. evolve and separate. Aubrey gives his take on the five people you spend the most time with are a representation of him. (1:17:30)
  • Aubrey talks about his open relationship with his fiancé and the struggles that can come with it. (1:24:12)

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