Show Notes Ep 692 – Josiah Novak of The Fitman Project Podcast

  • Is there such a thing as the “Man Cold?” The guys speculate. (5:40)
  • The guys crush over Tom Brady and talk Super Bowl matchup. (9:12)
  • Podcasting the new business card to get you in the door. Josiah explains how his podcast has introduced him to brilliant minds and has grown being only a year old. (11:36)
  • Does he prefer to interview or the interviewee? Josiah explains the challenge of both. (16:32)
  • Crisis of masculinity? What does it mean to be a man? With the recent events that have happened is the pendulum swinging? The guys go into deep discussion on this topic. (21:23)
  • How growing up with an alcoholic/abusive father shaped Josiah into the man he is today. He explains how the gym became his safe zone. (27:30)
  • Wanting to leave a legacy for his kids. How fitness has become his mission based on his childhood. (31:57)
  • Josiah explains how his siblings became islands. What kind of relationship do they have today? (34:55)
  • Practicing patience. How fatherhood has tested and challenged him. (39:20)
  • Work/life balance. How does he manage travel/business with a family? (47:46)
  • Affirmations are everything for him. Josiah explains the dynamic between himself and his wife. He shares his relationship hacks. (54:11)
  • How can you be a better human being? He explains his growth through his experiences and how he has become more self-aware. (1:07:45)
  • What guests have made the biggest impact on him? (1:12:42)
  • The social media impact. What value does he place on followers vs. content? (1:14:00)
  • Transparency is king. How he sees his podcast in the future. (1:21:35)
  • Have that commitment. What challenges does he see in the future? Who has been the hire to his team that has changed his business? (1:26:15)

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