Show Notes Ep 690 – Mind Pump’s 30 Days of Fitness Overview & More

  • Is there a double standard when it comes to masturbation? Yes, the guys go there… (4:04)
  • Why Adam is so anal about butt wipes? The guys discuss waxing and buttholes. (8:40)
  • Hawaii missile alert mistake…what would you do in that scenario? (16:15)
  • Apple investing $350 Billion to the US economy. Saviors? (23:00)
  • Nestle to buy Garden of Life…good or bad? (27:35)
  • Legalization of mushrooms in California, is that on the horizon? (31:30)
  • Big business putting more money into podcasting…Come hear the guy’s thoughts on their own business and behind the scenes talk. (36:10)
  • Mind Pump Free 30 Day Program on YouTube…blowing up their subscriber ship (51:08)
    • Mind Pump webinar – January 30th!

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