Show Notes Ep 685 - Random Hour with Mind Pump

  • Can “electronical” be added to the Webster’s Dictionary? (2:57)
  • Kids need to learn how to lose. Find out stories from the guys on this topic. (4:26)
  • Do your animals have human personalities? The guys share funny personal stories. (9:00)
  • Dogs key to human evolution? Hear Sal’s perspective on this deep topic. (17:15)
  • The legacy of the rotisserie chicken: The guys talk highly palatable foods. (20:47)
    • Thrive Market plug (23:50)
  • The Oprah backlash for running to President already beginning? The government infringing on our liberties? The guys discuss fixing our voting system and government’s control over us. (24:36)
  • Wearing seat belts vs. not, airbags, car crashes and more. The guys give their thoughts and share stories from the past. (35:45)
  • The science of lying, breaking up and ghosting. Is there a playbook? Come hear stories from the guys. (46:28)
  • What would go down at Adam’s bachelor party? Destination wedding? The guys talk marriage and bachelor parties of the past. (50:05)
  • 72 hour fast: The guys talk preparation, how they are doing so far and their ultimate goal. (1:00:24)
  • The dos and don’ts coming out of a fast. The guys give their recipe for success. (1:18:20)

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