Show Notes Ep 682 - Sam Parr of The Hustle

  • The Wall Street Journal meets The Daily Show. Find out what The Hustle is all about. (3:58)
  • Sam explains why Facebook ads are not the way to advertise. Email is not dead. (6:30)
  • Open rate. Sam explains what it is and why it is important. (11:12)
  • Sam explains how his media company is a pirate ship and every email is a wind in their sails. (13:30)
  • What is The Hustle? What type of content is in it? Come listen to Sam describe it. (15:27)
  • Who is on Sam’s radar currently? Hot topics? (21:20)
  • Find out how meeting Mike Wolfe, started his passion of entrepreneurship. The origin story of The Hustle. (26:12)
  • The dos and don’ts of email marketing. Come hear Sam’s tips. (35:05)
  • How has he monetized his business? Are they holding events for their fan base? (42:12)
  • To have extreme success it takes an extreme personality. Sam gets personal about his life and thoughts on therapy. (46:00)
  • Money is flowing freely now. Why are venture capitalists in Silicon Valley taking bets on basically anything? (52:46)
  • ICO’s. When the shoe shine boy gives you stock advice is it time to get out? Come hear Sam’s thoughts. (57:00)
  • Smoke and mirrors. What companies are totally inflated? On the rise? (1:00:15)
  • Education. Is it worth the financial debt? (1:04:04)
  • If he had to do it all over again, what advice would he give his younger self? (1:08:40)
  • What is in the future for Sam and his media company? Podcasting in his future? (1:13:17)

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