Show Notes Ep 680 – Dr. Zach Bush on Restoring Gut Health

  • From family medicine, internal medicine to nutrition find out Zack’s career path to his research on gut health (1:57)
  • Bacteria in the gut, is it caused by what you are eating and how it is grown? (6:57)
  • Find out how glyphosates are affecting the order of the alphabet of our body’s ecosystem (10:30)
  • Cell to cell communication, why losing that signal in our body can cause chronic diseases (14:30)
  • 1630 blood brain barrier losing signal with roundup
  • Have chemical companies come after him at all regarding his research? (18:50)
  • Dust Bowl story, find out how we manufactured green crops (21:20)
  • Find out how forcing (supplementing) amino acids into our body can be causing these autoimmune diseases (24:17)
  • What are some ways we can protect ourselves from glyphosates? Zach gives some action tips. (28:16)
  • What is composting? How lacking that wireless network in your gut can be causing gut issues. (30:00)
  • By taking restore, can it help rebuild the lining in our gut? (35:55)
  • Looking for peer reviewed studies regarding the benefits of taking restore? Come find out the place to start reading. (39:48)

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