Show Notes Ep 677 - Christina Rice

  • First time meeting Christina #PodcastHard (1:36)
  • Who does she relate to/identify with the most? (4:35)
  • Where does she find the time to do everything? (5:38)
  • Where did she get her work ethic from? (9:21)
  • Where did her passion for health/wellness come from? (10:56)
    • Digestive issues whole life
    • Bullied
    • Binge eating
  • How did she start to tackle to her health issues? (14:07)
    • Chronic case of mono
    • Didn’t know how to be in shape without a sport
    • Starting doing own nutrition research online
    • Went gluten/dairy free
    • Food could heal her
  • When did she start getting answers? (25:25)
    • Acupuncturist
  • When did she start putting things together? (33:10)
    • Getting tests done like it was her job
    • Too much stress on her heart (39:30)
    • Eating 7000-8000 calories a day and losing weight!
    • Had to hand over decisions to other people, couldn’t trust herself
  • Doing everything she could to fight for herself (47:35)
  • Scared of carbs and going paleo (52:10)
    • Food is a prescription
  • Origins of her blog (54:45)
  • Parasite in Spain (59:00)
  • How her story is impacting others (1:03:12)
  • Does she ever look back and think of all these challenges as a gift? (1:04:13)
    • Does not tolerate bullshit
  • People becoming more disconnected with their relationships? (1:08:40)
  • Who is she reaching out to with her podcast? (1:10:08)
    • Don’t be afraid to say what you want
    • Empower women
  • Dealing with haters (1:13:48)
    • Don’t need credentials to know shit
    • Don’t put bullshit out
  • How did she hear about Mind Pump? (1:15:00)
  • Stop dealing with things when they come (1:18:00)
  • Does her relationship with her parents cause any triggers? In regards to what she does? Health/nutrition? (1:21:47)
  • Has she found a deeper root to her health issues? (1:25:00)
  • Strengths/weaknesses from her parents? (1:30:16)
    • Always something to learn with anyone you are with

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