Show Notes Ep 672 - Dave Asprey

  • Poster boy for biohacking (2:01)
  • Where does the passion come from? (4:49)
    • Was 300lbs
    • Bullied
    • Wanted to be "bulletproof"
  • How does he deal with critics now? (11:01)
    • Say my name
    • Science trolls
  • How does he respond to individual variance? (13:38)
    • Blood tests – inflammation low
    • Do what works and measure what works
  • Junk lighting – Headstrong (23:38)
  • Does he have an order of operations? (25:45)
  • What does his exercise regimen look like? (27:33)
  • Does he consider himself obsessed with hacking his body? Body image issues? (38:30)
  • How does his business brain tick when it comes to new technology? (40:05)
    • Disruption
  • What is he disrupting right now and what does he foresee disrupting in the future? (44:36)
  • Mycotoxins in your coffee and Joe Rogan (46:40)
  • Coffee companies taking the same precautions as Bulletproof? (48:48)
  • What are some major toxins is he looking at? (50:31)
  • Where does he attribute his success to? (53:26)
    • Almost died at birth
  • Has he done any work with psychedelics? Opinion on them? (58:10)
  • What has been the biggest challenge that he has faced? (1:04:14)
  • The stages of growth, what challenges has he seen at each new stage? (1:07:20)
  • Cargo ship or motor boat (1:10:10)
    • Core tenants

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