Show Notes Ep 670 - JJ Flizanes

  • So much information and didn’t know what to do with it (2:38)
  • Gaining confidence in what she was doing through personal training (6:30)
  • You don’t learn science over a weekend (14:30)
    • Psychological piece is everything
    • Move the needle so far with food and exercise
    • Disconnected and poor relationship with food
  • Fit2Love (29:45)
    • Don’t “should” yourself – WANT!
    • Law of attraction
    • Meet people where they are
  • What have been some of her biggest personal challenges when it comes to her clients? (40:25)
    • About preservation and well as consistency
  • With her audience, does she find she has to hammer on certain subjects more than others? (54:00)
  • What are her thoughts on fitness trackers? (58:03)
  • Identify your addiction (1:00:53)
    • Bell curve of consciousness

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