Show Notes Ep 667 - Chase Chewning of Ever Forward Radio

  • Podcasting his full time job? (1:49)
  • Military got him into fitness (2:45)
  • How has being in the military shaped him? / His journey up the ranks (4:35)
    • Legacy
  • How did his injury impact his legacy/how he identified with himself? (10:43)
  • Leadership role at young age (12:22)
    • Driven by greater good and mission
    • E-6 ranking in 5 years
  • Origin of Ever Forward (14:16)
  • Any mistakes made as a young leader? (16:27)
    • Hide behind their rank
  • What is the underlying purpose behind his podcast? What has he learned since starting? (19:33)
  • Ok to do what you want, your body is your best coach (24:12)
  • Everything happens when you put purpose to it (28:25)
    • Gift he got from his dad’s passing
    • Dark passenger
    • PTSD Battle
  • Did he get addicted to pain pills? (35:02)
    • Freak accident hitting his head from fall
    • Embrace the suck
  • What was PTSD like for him? How did he deal with it? (43:42)
  • Does he find podcasting therapeutic? (54:45)
    • Empathy in where people are in their journey
    • Positive mask he used to hide things
  • Favorite guests? Future plans? (1:03:15)

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