Show Notes Ep 665 **Special Bonus Episode** - Dr. David Minkoff

  • Dr. Minkoff talks about his background (1:50)
  • The nightmare involving his wife (3:30)
  • Western concepts with wellness side cross pollination happening (9:39)
    • Need to build host up
  • How often does he see high levels of toxins in his practice? (14:50)
  • What are things people can do to detoxify their body? (18:13)
    • Filter drinking/shower water
    • Infra-red sauna
    • Hydrated
    • Multi-vitamin with liver support
    • Good blend of essential amino acids
    • Paleo type diet for 6 weeks
  • Is he still on the fringe or does he see more of his colleagues talking about leaky gut? (21:55)
  • Autoimmune diseases exploding in 21st century (24:01)
  • What are big things people can do now to help prevent what’s happening? (28:08)
    • Eat organic foods
    • Stay away from nightshades 
    • Get out in sunshine for 30 minutes and move your body
    • Bedroom free of electronics – dirty energy

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