Show Notes Ep 661 – Matt Vincent

  • Guys geek out over Arnold (3:05)
  • Blew up from Joe Rogan retweeting his coffee mug (8:53)
  • Matt explains what he competes in / His background (11:31)
  • How does he describe the culture of the Highland Games? How has it evolved? (14:15)
  • The history behind the games (16:54)
  • How much of his training is devoted to skill? (20:15)
  • Did he start his first Highland Games with the intent to start a business? (27:06)
    • Clothing line
  • What is he doing now to make himself a better person? Has he always been growth minded? (38:11)
  • Adulting (42:00)
  • Who has he met that struck him? (44:23)
  • Did he grow up small town? Does he enjoy traveling? (49:10)
  • What turned him into the man he is today? Mentors? (55:18)
  • Why did he start his podcast? (57:20)
  • What is his take on bodybuilding and competing? (1:01:00)
  • Money doesn’t buy you happiness / Explaining what you do? (1:04:30)
  • What has it taken to get his business where it is? (1:11:51)
  • Does he do all his own designs? Favorite or best seller? (1:14:08)
  • What areas in his growing in outside of fitness? What excites him? (1:15:35)
  • Getting into psychedelics (1:18:49)
  • Talking nutrition and the challenge to lose weight (1:19:10)
  • Growing pains and getting older (1:23:00)
    • Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • What books does he like to read? (1:35:11)

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