Show Notes Ep 659 – Juli Bauer of PaleOMG

  • Assumptions of how people look in person (3:11)
  • How long has she been in the fitness industry? (6:24)
  • Fear of the weight room (10:01)
  • You are the 5 people you surround yourself with (12:39)
    • If someone makes you question your beliefs and values – cut them out
  • How you look vs. how you perform? (16:54)
  • When did she start to notice issues/changes with her body? (20:18)
  • How were her relationships affected? (24:00)
  • Working out too much? (26:45)
  • Her fuck it moment (31:28)
  • Your greatest strength is your greatest weakness (34:56)
  • How did she start her fitness business? What motivated it? (39:00)
    • Got to humanize yourself
  • Did she ever feel she was taken advantage of? (44:27)
  • What does she love/hate about being her own boss? (45:36)
  • What has she taken from her parents? (48:26)
    • Her mom projecting her insecurities on her
  • Why are women so judgmental of one another? (54:21)
  • Raising kids this day in age (56:09)
    • Confirmation bias
  • Why did she start her podcast? (58:31)
  • ·        How does she balance work/life? (1:01:27)
    • Don’t sweat the small things
  • Any stress practices? (1:09:51)
  • What is she currently working on to better herself/personal growth? (1:13:48)
  • How often does she get asked how to start a blog/podcast? What misconceptions does she see? (1:20:59)
  • How does she monetize? (1:23:51)
    • Sponsored posts
  • Does she consider herself a role model? (1:27:45)

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