Show Notes Ep 657 – Kimera Koffee Quah

  • Don’t put Justin in a corner (4:46)
  • Doug on the “hot seat” segment (9:38)
  • We do a lot of crazy shit to win (10:33)
  • The origins of the QUAH! (22:51)
  • Quah question #1 – How do you build a following on social media without being consumed? (25:27)
    • Be consistent 
    • Schedule and plan your posts/content
  • Quah question #2 – Periodization within the same week vs. periodization for weeks on end? (38:28)
  • Quah question #3 – Are you familiar with Gretchen Rubin’s personality framework? How do you guys fit in? (45:30)
  • Quah question #4 - How would you alter frequency of MAPS Aesthetic if running it on gear vs. natural? (53:15)

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