Show Notes Ep 656 - Robert Oberst “World's Strongest Man Competitor”

  • How long before an event does he start his specific training camp? (2:58)
  • What go him to start unconventional training? (6:18)
  • Why did he lose the weight? Mindset change? (7:35)
  • Does he look back and say to himself, “Why did I do that?” (9:30)
  • What got him into strength sports? (11:50)
  • Does he do his own programming? (15:23)
  • Only strongman that can hike (17:56)
  • What is it like making a living as a strongman? (19:03)
  • Bill Kazmaier, a real man (22:22)
  • Growing up with 10 siblings! (24:16)
  • What does his nutrition look like? (27:32)
  • Does he do any auxiliary work? (34:46)
  • What would someone need to do to enter a strongman? (36:19)
  • What is next for him? (40:50)

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