Show Notes Ep 654 - Rich Roll

  • How did he get started? (1:45)
  • When did he switch to a plant based diet and start experimenting with ultra marathon running? (7:15)
  • Where did his self-awareness come from? (9:30)
  • Did this experience further his interest in self growth? (11:12)
  • Did he find himself trading one addiction for another? (12:15)
  • Was his podcast based on overcoming addiction or ultra marathoning? (15:50)
  • Does he find podcasting therapeutic? Who has he become friends with from it? (18:50)
  • Has he had challenging guests? Getting them to open up? (20:40)
  • Rich opens up about his addiction. What was he battling? (22:10)
    • Square peg in a round hole
  • How did the bullying as a child affect him today? (26:33)
  • Does he view being uncomfortable as a gift? (28:12)
  • Where does he see society going regarding being plugged in? (30:40)
  • How has parenting been for him? (32:18)
    • Passive use vs. Active use
    • Less observing and more creating
  • Does the whole family eat a plant based diet? Benefits he has gotten from it? (38:09)
  • What does a typical day look like for his fitness routine? (40:50)
  • What has been his most amazing run? How does he recover? What tools does he use? (43:45)
  • What are his favorite antioxidant foods? (49:40)
  • What does he think of the bodybuilding world or protein intake? (52:11)
  • Is he living his dream? Any current goals? (56:27)
  • Does he handle all aspects of his podcast? (59:33)

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