Show Notes Ep 651 – Bradley Martyn

  • How did the guys meet? First jobs? (3:20)
  • Shredz and competition talk (14:03)
  • Supplements and the fitness industry (20:56)
  • How do they like the podcast game? What is their message? (26:31)
    • Bradley’s loss of his father
    • Why do you care what you are doing?
  • Does Brad feel he is steering his ship in a different direction? (35:20)
  • The guys talk how their gym is different from others? / People stealing their ideas. (36:44)
    • CrossFit changed the game
  • Competitive world and insecurities/nutrition/steroids storytelling (52:04)
    • Competing to be popular on social media
    • Paying your dues
    • Need for better coaching
    • It’s a lifestyle
  • What does it mean to listen to your body? (1:18:43)
    • Start tracking
    • Be aware around your meals
    • How you feel before and after you eat
    • Wearables
  • Bodybuilding lifestyle terrible for gut health (1:37:20)
    • Anxiety epidemic
    • Hyper permeability of the gut
  • Protein and fasting myth busting (1:41:26)
    • Optimize the human body
  • Identifying with your body (1:47:30)
    • Growth only happens through being uncomfortable
  • Where does Brad feel he is having the most personal growth? Changing? (1:53:42)
    • Dealing with haters

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