Show Notes Ep 645 - How to Become a YouTube Celebrity with Brandon Carter & Connor Murphy

  • How did they meet? (5:44)
  • When did he use social media as a business? (7:35)
  • What got them into fitness? (12:59)
  • How much fitness education did Brandon have? Born entrepreneur? (21:30)
  • For Connor, what has been the most difficult part of fame? (25:22)
  • Does Connor struggle with his personal relationships? Being an introvert? (31:25)
  • Does Connor have a plan for his page? (33:50)
  • What is the process like to produce content for his page? (35:08)
  • What makes Connor’s page stand apart from the rest? / Rewarding good content (38:00)
  • How shooting thumbnails first on YouTube can get you more clicks? (46:47)
  • Confirmation bias (50:40)
  • Has Brandon always been growth minded? (52:15)
  • What is the goal of their podcast? Any hate? (54:35)
  • Hard to get away from social media? (57:50)
  • What is the best platform to monetize? (1:07:00)
  • Brandon’s 3 step Facebook ad formula (1:13:30)
  • What are some easy pieces of advice for someone getting started? (1:17:00)

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