Show Notes Ep 640 - Beyond The Barbell

  • What got them into the fitness industry? (3:37)
  • Where did the transition to CrossFit happen? (10:26)
  • What do they think of the volume of CrossFit boxes? What makes them fail? (21:16)
  • What has made them successful? How did you separate yourself from the rest? (26:00)
    • Culture makes a gym
  • Where did their leadership skills come from? Train their trainers? (30:12)
    • Adjust your personality to fit the customer
  • What is the average cost to open box/gross revenue for a year? (50:11)
  • Anywhere Fit Travel / How do you diversify your business? (59:10)
    • Do what I say, not what I do
  • What did you do for work before becoming CrossFit box owner? (1:12:05)
  • Where do they see the future of CrossFit? See more specialized facilities? (1:15:15)
  • Do they feel their business would thrive off one great location, rather than spreading out into multiple locations? (1:23:55)
    • Providing what the demographic needs/Different heartbeats at each location
    • Do what you can

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