Show Notes Ep 638 – Jason Khalipa

  • Jason talks about his background in fitness industry (3:52)
  • The sport of business and sales (7:00)
  • Was there success out the gate with his gym? (9:37)
    • “Jump out the plane and build your parachute on the way down”
  •  What failures did he have early on? (12:30)
    •  “In charge of your own paycheck”
  • Where did his drive/passion come from? (14:18)
  • Open to the public vs. Corporate sites (15:50)
  • Was he always into health/fitness? (17:15)
    • “AMRAP mentality”
  • Where does his self-awareness come from? (22:35)
  •  Talks about daughter getting sick (24:38)
  • What was the greatest CrossFit moment to him? (26:25)
  • Does he have any criticism of CrossFit? How do boxes succeed? Why do they fail? (29:00)
    • Low barrier to entry and high entry curve
  • How is his gym different from the rest? Has he been faced with having to close any down? (36:45)
  • What responsibilities does he like the most/least about owning gyms? (45:21)
  • Did he start the philanthropic work after his daughter got sick? (47:24)
  • Favorite CrossFit athlete and least favorite? (48:15)
  • What brands does he like in the space? (51:30)
  • Where does he see CrossFit going? (52:50)
  • Jason talks moving company to digital age (54:30)
  • Best business advice he has gotten? (55:57)
  • What are his passions outside of fitness? Does he let fitness consume him? (57:25)
  • How did the diagnosis of his daughter change him as a person? (59:22)
    • Your family is worth more than gold
  • Ava’s Kitchen / Where to donate/help? (1:03:25)

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