Show Notes Ep 637 - Organifi Quah

  • Laser “dicks” (5:00)
  • UFC 217 Recap (7:27)
  • You can learn from anybody (10:36)
  • Quah question #1 – How do you change clients from being extrinsically motivated to intrinsically motivated with respect to diet and exercise? (20:52)
  • ·Quah question #2 – Are there a lot of myths about bread? Why is it demonized? Is there a place for it in a healthy diet? (34:50)
    • Thrive Market – homemade bread mix (38:10)
  • Quah question #3 – Strategies to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder? (48:35)
  • Quah question #4 – Steps to take to prevent metabolism from slowing down when endurance training? (56:50)

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