Show Notes Ep 630 - Amelia Boone

  • Amelia talks about the high security working for Apple (3:10)
  • The process of getting through law school (6:10)
  • Where does she get her competitive spirit? (7:45)
  • What started her path to obstacle racing? (10:09)
    • Anything is how you do everything
    • People searching out for suffering
  • Where does she find challenges now? (15:00)
  • How does her body hold up to these races? Medical issues? (16:09)
    • Ran, at one time, every other weekend for a year!
  • Were their signals before she got these injuries? (21:25)
    • Rebuild your strength first before adding in impact
  • Meditation play a key along with her training? (24:30)
  • Amelia talks about loss of her cycle (26:20)
  • How has her training changed? (27:34)
    • Learn how to move again
    • The place you hurt is not where the dysfunction is
  • How does she re-frame her thought process now when training? (32:06)
    • The “Queen of Pain”
    •  “I am not broken” – Letting go of that fear
  • Where does her drive hold her back? (36:35)
  • How does she do it all? (39:30)
    • Define what your all is
  • Pop-Tart pre-workout starter? (41:40)
  • How does she deal with trolls? (44:13)
  • Injury at World Championships in Tahoe (49:09)
  • Does she consider her injuries as gifts? (50:32)
    • You don’t learn anything when you are winning
  • Life lessons, overrated? (51:34)
  • Currently working on (52:29)
  • What is her next race? (54:26)
  • Who mentors her? Seek advice from? (55:50)
  • A day in the life (57:10)
  • Has she found things that help get out of go-go mentality? (58:10)
  • Adding fat into her life / Nutrition talk (1:00:45)

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