Show Notes Ep 623 – Live from the Spartan Championship in Lake Tahoe with Josh Trent

  • Adam “Big Bougie” Schafer (2:19)
  • Guys talk childhood and where they came from (4:16)
  • What is the greatest lesson your father taught you? (14:50)
  • Being a victim or victor coming from broken home (17:05)
  • Being a father figure in life or fitness setting (19:15)
  • Taking care of others motivates you or are you self-motivated? (20:46)
  • Keto is not for everyone (25:38)
  • Appetite suppression (38:00)
  • Adam’s transformation story (39:48)
  • Taylor Valenzuela story (46:18)
  • Did Adam’s transformation spark Mind Pump? (52:05)
  • Giving without wanting anything back (54:00)
    • o   Thrive Market (56:00)
  • Emotional intelligence, how do you fill the gap between knowing and doing? (1:00:05)
  • How do you define real wellness? (1:11:00)

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