Show Notes Ep 620 – Chris Kresser

  • Everything in your body is outside your body (2:12)
  • How far along is western medicine in intestinal permeability? (5:40)
  • Modern diet and lifestyle affecting our gut (6:56)
  • Power of the reward system (11:20)
  • Genes load the gun and environment pulls the trigger (22:19)
  • What is functional medicine? (27:10)
  • Adrenal fatigue? Burning the candle at both ends (30:00)
  • Can you reverse food intolerances? Dirty windshield effect (42:50)
  • Does everyone have a gluten intolerance? (49:15)
  • Will functional medicine be practiced in the future? (57:00)
  • Physical health vs. Mental health (1:04:00)
  • People self-curing themselves (1:13:15)
  • What is the greatest threat to our health in the modern lifestyle? (1:24:45)
  • Chris’s athlete mindset, younger days… (1:30:13)
  • Mindfulness and being a sprinter more than a marathon runner (1:39:00)
  • Chris’ new book and final thoughts on health care system (1:49:55)

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