Show Notes Ep 618 - Spartan Races 2017 with Yemeni Mesa of KNOW Foods & Joe Di Stefano of Spartan Coaching

  • How did Yemeni get his name? (5:53)
  • What is KNOW foods? (6:40)
  • What makes their foods healthy? Growth in company? (7:56)
  • What is the problem with gluten? Why their products stay away from it? (12:46)
  • Yemeni talks about his old bodybuilding days / Going keto (14:30)
  • Highly palatable foods and how they make their products (30:41)
  • Intuitive eating and fasting (35:08)
  • Who does he consider a competitor? (43:25)
    • Metabolic truth or metabolic disasters
  • Are they doing anything on the exercise side of the industry? (46:46)
  • Joe Di Stefano talks about Spartan coaching (47:33)
  • What is SGX compared to their coaching program? (52:30)
  • How did he gets connected with Joe De Sena (55:15)
  • How did they create the Spartan Race (1:00:56)
  • How many people do they have in their coaching program? How long does it take to get? (1:02:40)
  • What are the backgrounds of the top performers of these races? (1:05:23)
  • In the future does he see adding more obstacles to the races? (1:06:55)

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