Show Notes Ep 606 Kimera Koffee Quah

  • Mind Pump hate mail/Podcast hacks (2:48)
  • Daddy Sal is sick (13:58)
  • Culture of gaming/Virtual reality (16:10)
  • Quah question #1 – Do you guys ever freak out about aging? (23:27)
  • Quah question #2 – If you can go back in time, what would be the one piece of advice you would tell your pre-pubescent self? (37:52)
  • Quah question #3 – How you train the public school system in health? (50:20)
  • Quah question #4 – What was an area of weakness you faced when building your brand? How did you overcome it? Would you consider it a strength now? (1:01:29)

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