Show Notes Ep 603 – Build the Perfect Bikini Body with Melissa Wolf

  • What got her interested in the sport? (2:21)
  • What finally changed her mind to compete? (5:07)
  • How did Melissa and Adam meet? (6:23)
  • What is she doing these days and what is her background? (10:04)
  • They breakdown her calorie intake (12:30)
    • Figure out her metabolism first before scheduling show
  • What was her training like before MAPS Aesthetic? What changes did she see? (17:25)
  • How were those final couple weeks leading up to the show? (20:15)
  • What did she learn about her body going through this process? (23:18)
  • When was cardio introduced into her routine? (24:40)
    • Lifestyle change
  • What did her and Adam debate over? She talks about debate she had in a class (30:36)
    • Carb-cycling
  • What was the hardest part of the whole process for her? (41:17)
    • Nutritional hacks?
    • BCAA’s
  • Another show in her future… (47:38)

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