Show Notes Ep 599 Organifi Quah

  • Guys talk selling yourself doing just about anything (4:04)
  • Guys talk about JP Sears (7:45)
  • Sal goes to the carnival (8:48)
  • Guys talk fights this weekend (UFC: Rockhold vs. Branch) (Boxing: Canelo vs. GGG) (14:23)
  • Guys talk Olympia (21:35)
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  • Justin talks his Thrive Market order (31:25)
  • Quah question #1 – Can you talk about dieting strategies for women who have screwed up their hormones from competing and have gained a ton of body fat and can’t lose weight? (38:27)
    • Reduce cardio activity
    • Lower calorie intake at first, increase later
    • Focus on resistance training, building muscle
    • 40/30/30 – Fats/Protein/Carbs
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  • Quah question #2 – It seems there are two somewhat opposing views which are consistently discussed and represented on the show. The first is that there are some people who are simply genetically predisposed to superior fitness or athletic prowess, something that it would be hard for anyone to refute. The second is several times it has come up in reference to western medicine's ability to treat chronic health concerns. It came up recently when you spoke on ADHD. So if there are people who are simply genetically predestined to be superior in certain aspects, why would someone not simply be genetically predestined to be much weaker in a certain function such as focus? Is it realistic to think that there are people who will simply never be “normal” without some sort of daily pharmaceutical intervention? Does this represent a true belief for any of you or is it just a result of interpretation? (53:26)
  • Quah question #3 – Any tips for an adult male with acne? They have tried the elimination diet and eat organic. (1:09:12)
    • Probiotic sprays for your skin
    • Extended fast (24-48 hrs.) then switch to plant based diet
    • Focus on messing with diet and take notes
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  • Quah question #4 – Can you give some pointers on lower back strain when doing overhead military press? (1:16:22)
    • MAPS Prime
    • Maintain deep core stabilization
    • Z-press

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