Show Notes Ep 598 Building Your Fitness Business with Martin Silva and Andrew Bond

  • The guys introduce themselves and how they found Mind Pump (5:44)
  • What are the guys looking to build their business for the future? (11:15)
    • Good trainer a therapist first
  • Sal talks about how a trainer can de-stress a client before they train (14:58)
  • Justin talks about how he sold his training packages (23:03)
  • Guys talk social media and treating it as a business (27:00)
    • True net worth is your net circle
    • Right and wrong follower
    • Transparency is key
    • Have to speak to your platform
    • Provide free information full of value
      • Build community
  • How big is the fitness industry in the UK/Australia? (49:00)
  • Guys talk body image issues in men (50:30)
  • When was Martin in the worst shape of his life? (54:27)
    • Find your why first
    • Seek health first rather than the look
    • Relationship to food
  • Guys talk scaling your business and give final thoughts (1:03:48)
    • The Mind Pump guys ask Martin and Andrew what they need to better build their business

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