Show Notes Ep 598.5 **Bonus Episode** - Introducing Mind Pump’s new partnership with Thrive Market

  • Gunnar talks about how the company got started (4:16)
  • What kind of pivots have they made as a company? (6:41)
  • Gunnar talks about the company model (8:57)
    • Cut out the middle person
    • Buy directly from the source
  • What was the motivation behind donating a membership to low income family when someone purchases one? How successful has it been? (11:03)
    • Giving program
    • Food is a transformational force
  • How has the growth/market been for the company? (13:50)
  • What does their vetting process look like? (15:40)
  • Do they get any push back from people/the major corporations? (17:38)
  • What is something they have currently implemented that they are really proud of? (20:14)
  • Are they finding any trouble with finding organic foods/products? Keeping up with demand? (23:52)
  • Gunnar talks about their shipping options / How they package the products you order(26:20)
  • Gunnar talks about their special offer for Mind Pump listeners (28:05)
  • How did they find Mind Pump? (30:20)

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