Show Notes Ep 590 Josh Trent of Wellness Force

  • Guys talk their time at 24 Hour Fitness (3:48)
    • Best salesperson
    • Close out sales
    • Trained their early on clients
  • How does Josh prep to interview a guest? (12:55)
    • 10 great questions on iPad
    • Interview in person
    • Bring emotion/vulnerability into conversations
  • Guys talk tech / Intuitive eating and being self-aware (19:08)
    • Mindfulness
    • Education
    • Conciseness rising up
    • Learn how to read the signals your body gives
    • Comfortable in our boxes
  • What is your edge right now? Josh asks the guys (54:15)
    • Sal – seeks opportunity to be uncomfortable
    • Adam – being present with people he loves and cares about
    • Josh – scheduling fun and adventures
  • What are his thoughts on fitness companies, using tech, like Orangetheory? (1:12:35)
    • VR
    • Building a community

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