Show Notes Ep 584 Organifi Quah

  • Guys talk about their week off (5:20)
    • Justin goes to Reno
    • Saul travels to Kauai
    • Adam’s cruise to Alaska
      • “Cafeteria” food on boat
      • Lived off Organifi green juice
      • Ran into “Pumpheads”
  • Quah question #1 – When we feel hunger what is the difference between feeling hungry or needing to eat something? (29:42)
    • Separate expecting to eat or needing to eat
    • Emotional hunger comes on fast
    • **Disclaimer** If healthy, cleared by doctor, go on extended fast to reset your gut
    • Associating being stuffed with feeling satisfied
    • Eat your meals with no fluids consumed
      • Be aware of chewing your food
  • Quah question #2 – Advice for long distance relationships? (43:45)
    • Learn to look at yourself and where you are in relationship
    • Let people do their own thing
      • Be independent
      • Be secure
  • Quah questions #3 – Do you think to be great at a sport you have to start at a young age? (56:23)
    • Genetics play largest role
    • Can take over identity
    • You got it or you don’t
  • Quah question #4 – How do you guys deal with performance anxiety? (1:10:28)
    • Get comfortable with worst case scenario
    • Identify what is causing the anxiety

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