Show Notes Ep 578 – The Path to Achieving Optimal Health

  • Guys talk about “beef” (2:07)
    • Pidgin language
  • Cannabinoid deficiency syndrome / Adam gives update on his Vitamin D levels (5:28)
    • Address root cause
    • Too much of anything can be bad
  • Guys talk the path to optimal health (17:15)
    • Sal’s tells story of one of his clients
    • Disconnect of communication with doctors
    • “Wellness” manager
    • Animal health 
    • Focus on creating optimal environment
      • Nutrition
      • Exercise
      • Sleep
    • State of mind – “flow state”
      • Lose track of time
  • Final thoughts on the future of the business (59:35)

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People Mentioned:

  • Dr. Justin Brink
  • Dr. Michael Ruscio
  • Joe Rogan
  • Jamie Wheel
  • Steven Kotler

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