Show Notes Ep 573 Joovv creators (Scott Nelson and Justin Strahan)

  • How did they start their company? (5:30)
    • Justin’s wife got him into red light therapy
    • Wavelength, intensity of light
  • They talk about what red light was used for? (9:20)
    • Health conditions
  • In the studies you do see, do you see an individual variance between the people that use it? (12:00)
  • What is red light? (13:25)
    • Enhances cellular function
  • How much red light do we get from sunlight? (16:22)
    • Near-infrared
  • Any damaging effects from near infrared therapy? (17:35)
    • No tanning effect
  • How are people using it now? (18:25)
    • Aid with recovery
    • Increase testosterone
    • Skin Issues
    • Different protocols?
    • Hacks you have played with?
  • Their opinion of infrared saunas? (24:10)
  • How deep does this light penetrate? (28:20)
  • What are the exciting studies they have seen? (32:25)
  • What does a typical treatment look like? (36:40)
  • How long have the guy's been in business? (37:15)
    • Started in beauty realm
    • Bio-hackers took it to new level
    • Professional athletes
    • 60 day no hassle return policy
  • What can people expect in the short/long term with the benefits from red light therapy? (40:18)
  • What different devices do they have? / How do they use them in their own lives? (41:31)
  • What are the bio-hackers using this therapy for? (50:35)

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People Mentioned:

  • Ben Greenfield
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Dr. Michael Hamlin
  • Aubrey Marcus
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick