Show Notes Ep 568 – Social Media/Podcast Sales/Business of Fitness

  • Why is Gary Vee better than us? (2:00)
    • Speaks to younger generation
    • Genuine
    • Choice of music in YouTube videos
  • Monetization of podcasts (9:05)
    • Segment podcast
      • Take poll of forum what podcasts they listen to
    • What makes someone want to share something
      • Influences
    • Growth of YouTube
  • Podcasts Awards / Guys talk awards from their days at 24 Hour Fitness (27:25)
    • Adam won trips to Hawaii 7 times
    • Sal won best seller for the day at grand opening
    • Guys talk people who made them better trainers
  • Business of Fitness (1:01:00)
    • Start up’s vs. huge tech companies
      • Growth
    • Know your WHY
    • At-home workouts
    • Challenges for prizes

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