Show Notes Ep 563 ½ - Drew Canole Founder of Organifi

  • Guys talk about the behind the scenes process of working out partnership with Organifi (0:00)
  • Guys talk with Drew about what got him started in this industry (7:30)
    • His own transformation
  • Where did he get his information from? What to go after and what would help people? (12:28)
    • Let food be thy medicine
  • When did your products first hit the market? (14:00)
    • November 2013
  • What made him go the organic route? (15:35)
    • What would he take or his family
    • Want to put the best products out there
    • Integrity
    • Mother nature’s medicine
  • Guys talk about their idea to create own line / partnership (18:35)
  • How do they source their products? (21:56)
    • Best supply coordinator
    • Monk Fruit
    • Real Food Extracts
  • Why did he go the plant based route with their protein powder? (27:45)
    • Drew had bout with gout in early 30’s
  • Their products are on the higher end of cost. Why are they more expensive than their competitors? (31:05)
    • Way crops are managed
      • Tested
      • Did own clinical trials
    • Whole food vitamins cost
    • Worth every penny when it comes to your health
    • 60 day money back guarantee
  • How deep is their recipe list? (37:20)
    • Wellness Wednesday
    • 3 holistic nutritionists on staff
  • What has been his strategy for growth? (38:30)
    • Accelerate other leaders in his business
    • Create a club
    • Give local discounts
    • Sponsoring different podcasts
      • Influencers 

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