Show Notes Ep 560 Rob Dionne

  • Intro to interview with Robb Dionne (0:14)
    • MAPS Prime Pro bundle
  • Rob talks about where he came from and early jobs (4:51)
    • Centrum Silver commercial
  • When did he take the turn to fitness? (10:24)
    • Feel in love with business aspect
    • Perceive his value
    • Some ah-ha moments he has had
  • Rob asks the guys if they think things are changing in the fitness industry? (24:00)
    • People uninformed
    • Market based environment
    • Evolutionarily were we able to get food this way
    • Fitness industry so cosmetic
    • Guys talk body fat testing stories
  • What early mistakes did he make as a trainer? (37:20)
    • Plyometric exercises
    • Ask for referrals 
    • LA - celebrities
  • Why did he start his podcast? (57:25)
    • Wanted to start on YouTube
    • Car talk of fitness
    • Wanted to create connection to audience
      • Open Sky Fitness Group
  • Relationship with food discussion (1:21:47)
    • Family is the toughest to change habits and traditions
  • What ways is he looking into to expand his business? Future of podcast? (1:35:00)
    • One on one coaching
    • Start a family
    • Work from home
    • Programming

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