Show Notes Ep 555 Mind Pump goes Road Tripping

  • Adam talks his trip to the Delta (0:14)
    • Guys share their crazy lake party stories
  • Guys talk trainers they knew who moonlighted as stripper / Being taken advantage of by older women / Expectations in relationships (10:15)
    • Sal trained porn star
    • Justin gets taken to strip club by friend’s
    • Adam gets taken out to strip club by district managers of big box gym he worked for
    • Schedule sex / intimate time with significant other
    • Quality vs. quantity
    • Mind Pump is going to Olympia!!
  • Jessica (Sal’s girlfriend) takes Chek HLC Level 1 course in San Diego / Motivation discussion (43:32)
    • Thoughts strong influence on your health
    • Motivation only gets you so far
    • Everyday strive to be better version of yourself
  • Prime Pro Final day of Special Promotion!! (1:02:45)

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People Mentioned:

  • Ashley Winters
  • Steve Jobs
  • Paul Chek
  • Justin Brink

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