Show Notes Ep 545 How to get your body into competition shape

  • Guys discuss perception of pain (11:54)
    • Tiger Balm/Icy Hot, etc
      • They change the signal to your brain
      • More of a Band-Aid
    • Placebo effect
  • How to get your body into competition shape (24:24)
    • Adam’s revisits story of friend who was going to compete in her first show
    • Extreme diet and exercise worse for women
      • Hormones become affected
      • Evolved to birth children
    • Adam talks about San Jose Pro show he watched
      • Anyone can sign up – no filter
      • Most competitors there not stage ready
        • Haven’t put work in
    • What does a good prep look like
      • Build solid metabolism
      • Put the work in the gym
      • Do your research first
        • Don’t go in blind
      • Healthy relationship with food

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  • Flex Wheeler
  • Paul Chek

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