Show Notes Ep 537 Dr. Jordan Shallow (The Muscle Doc)

  • Intro to interview with Jordan / Fermented food discussion (0:14)
    • Fasting and cancer treatment
    • Fermented foods in different cultures
  • Jordan’s origin story / How he got into fitness industry (16:12)
    • Grew up in Canada
    • Played hockey
    • Introduced by Craig Capurso
      • Wrote fitness blog
    • Fit Expo’s
  • How did Jordan get into powerlifting? (38:52)
    • Squat suit
    • Gear vs. raw lifting
    • Cues when squatting
    • Proprioception
    • Mobility and powerlifting
    • Have an intent for everything you do
    • Clinical doctor
  • What are go-to moves that people can do now to be more functional? (1:13:26)
    • Lunges
    • Overhead press with band
    • Dead hang from pull up bar
  • Who does he see in the industry that is not promoting things correctly? (1:31:40)
    • Layne Norton
    • Jim Stoppani
    • Stay in your lane
    • Have a control to start with
  • Has he made connections with people’s emotions to pain? (1:40:07)
    • Sending the right signals
    • Proper priming

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