Show Notes EP 534 Aaron Alexander of Align Podcast

  • How did Aaron get into psychedelics at a young age / Mexican cartel story (2:34)
    • Fear of not being able to leave
  • Mind Pump run in’s with the law (13:12)
  • Police bias (23:00)
  • Self-awareness and binge eating 
    • Make connection
    • Mood
  • Do the patients he works with come in for one thing, but leave exposing other emotions? (35:26)
  • What got him into fitness? (37:43)
    • Daddy issues
    • Got built as form of protection
  • Was movement always a form of therapy for him? 
  • What made him start a podcast? (49:30)
    • Took his knowledge from traveling and wanted to project the information to the masses
    • Form of therapy
    • Personal form of education
    • Neuro-linguistic programming for Justin
  • When did he make the switch from bodybuilder to movement specialist? (1:00:38)
    • Surfing
    • Martial arts
    • Body was broken from focusing on aesthetics
  • How does he sell what he does to people who want fast results/are not familiar with what he does? (1:17:42)
    • Different ends of the spectrum
    • Find people who are open minded
    • Communicate properly
  • Who does he like to surround himself with? 
    • Entrepreneurs
    • A woman who “moves” well
  • Aaron’s future business model - “body reading” (1:24:48)
  • What is on his radar currently? (1:27:44)
    • Power of play and the effect on your emotions
    • Intuitive exercise
  • Final thoughts on dysfunction

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People Mentioned:

  • Paul Chek
  • Joseph Campbell