Show Notes Ep 505 Kimera Quah

  • Guys discuss Netflix series 13 Reasons Why (4:00)

  • Guys discuss this past weekend’s Silicon Valley Kettlebell Open held at Mind Pump Media HQ (6:55)
    • Supportive/positive community
    • Call it a “sport”
    • Mechanics are KEY!
    • Get spectators more involved/friendly
    • o   Test of will and endurance – can stand behind the competitors
  • Quah Question #1 – Do you think it is important for post-workout inflammation to take place? (18:35)
    • Signals body that it needs to repair
    • Arachidonic acid
    • Athlete that needs to perform on daily basis (NBA player)
    • Systemic inflammation
    • Ice baths
  • Quah Question #2 – The fat acceptance movement, does it cause people to lose motivation to lose weight? (26:53)
    • Love yourself, but be realistic (take care of yourself from the inside out)
    • Use as shield to hide the root cause
    • Do it to move better and making your life better
    • Become more self-aware
  • Quah Question #3 – Best way to recover from large binge and best way to let it not happen again? (43:35)
    • Binge – symptom eruption
    • Change your relationship with food and your vocabulary (can’t have vs. I chose to not have)
    • Don’t punish yourself
  • Quah Question #4 – If you could go back in any time, where would you go and who would you see? (51:21)
    • Sal – 1940’s and lifted with old time lifters, strong men
    • Adam – Roaring 20’s or the 50’s (classier era’s, dressed better, etc)
    • Justin – to be his current age in the 80’s


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