Show Notes Ep 504 The Truth About Pre-Workout Supplements

  • Allergies attacking the guys (2:06)

    • Plants reproducing

    • Allergy medicine bought over the counter

      • Can get Dementia in later years

      • Interfere with neurotransmitters in the brain

      • Choline - supplement with

      • Interrupt symptoms, but don’t treat root cause

        *  Claritin, Zyrtec

        *  Want to be in state of low-inflammation

        ·        Don’t remove exposure to allergens

        ·        Local honey exposure

        ·        Bromelain on empty stomach

  • Business talk (12:17)

    o   Building website out

    o   Re-introducing old topics discussed in older podcasts

  • Pre-Workout Supplement discussion (1:08:00)

    o   Attach to exercise

    *  Ritual

    o   Put ingredients that make you feel amazing and you feel on fire (heavy in stimulants)

    *  Most people connect intensity of workout to how productive it was

    *  Putting body in artificial fight or flight mode

    o   Pre workout helps you burn fat myth

    *  Thermo-genic

    *  Something works, lets add more to make work better

    o   Top selling supplements

    *  More energy to workout, give muscles better things for recovery and improve blood flow – better pump

    * #1 ranked pre workout – Jym pre workout 

    ·        Dextrose, natural and artificial flavors, artificial coloring

    ·        Increase histamines

    ·        Nitrous oxide opens blood vessels

    ·        Alter gut flora

    *  #2 ranked pre workout – Cellucore C4

    ·        Vitamin C

    ·        Niacin

    ·        Proprietary blend

    * #3 ranked pre workout – Kaged Muscle PRE-KAGED 

    ·        Using stevia to hide with other ingredients

    ·        Brilliant marketing terms

    ·        Leucine – eat 3 oz steak or vegetarian baked beans

    * Mr. Hyde 

    ·        Chasing extreme high

  •   What can you do naturally to supplement / have a great workout

    *  Steak, eggs, beans and a cup of coffee

    *  Invest in education, hire a trainer, invents in great programming

    *  Buy caffeine pills if you don’t like coffee

    *  Prime workouts properly, work on breathing, hydration


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