Show Notes Ep 503 Big Top Beard Company Quah

  • Discussion about Arya Saffaie and competing in 3 shows in a row being a natural men’s physique athlete / Crossfit in the Olympics? (1:37)

    o   Professional competitions – poor relationship with food

    o   Justifying their hard work with cheat meals/foods after competition

    o   Cults formed within bodybuilding/men’s physique

    o   Crossfit would need to be more organized to be in Olympics

  • Justin talks about his experience at the Wim Hof Protocol seminar hosted at Mind Pump Media HQ (24:00)

    o   Hyper oxygenating the body

    o   Bad posture

    o   Stressful situations – chest breathers

    o   30 breaths, hold as long as you can, breathe, hold again for 10 sec (do three times)

    o   Flow state

  • Quah Question #1 – Mobility vs. Aesthetics – Dr. Brink’s client “56 yr old woman” has been focusing on mobility, feels like she is losing her muscle (her identity). How can she get over this mindset? (38:37)

    o   Remind yourself that you are growing

    o   Nutrition on point, workouts consistent

  • Quah Question #2 – What is your most recent nightmare? What do the guys fear as an adult? (57:50)

    o   Justin/Sal – Kids are ok/safe

    o   Adam – Getting stuck and not growing as a person and in business

    *  On the other side of fear is success

  • Quah Question #3 – Training to be Spin Instructor, knees hurting - Pros and Cons of “Spinning” - (stationary bike) (1:11:31)

    o   Repetitive motions – create imbalances

    o   If overtraining, need to take break and rest/mobility/foam rolling

    o   Hips series on MPTv with Jordan Shallow 

    o   Con – become addicted

  • Quah Question #4 – Are the MAPS programs applicable for morbidly obese people? (1:20:11)

    o   Movement is where they want to start

    o   MAPS Anywhere/Prime (fortification sessions-correctional based workouts)

    o   Support the joints

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