Show Notes Ep 502 Brittany Van Schravendijk

  • What drove Brittney to have her competitive spirit? How did she get introduced to kettlebell sport? (4:57)

    o   Wasn’t able to compete in college as a walk on

    o   Fell in love with weightlifting

  • Brittney explains the sport (8:13)

    o   10 min long cycle

    o   Great technique (relax at right parts of the lift)

    o   Are belts required, types of shoes needed

  • What changes did she see in her body? Can she spot a kettlebell athlete walking around?

    o   Strong quads

    o   Boulder shoulders

  • Is it a male dominated sport? Why do women like the sport so much? (13:42)

    o   Endurance sport

    o   Able to relax at the right times

  • What is Brittney’s background? Any drama within different clubs/organizations? Different techniques? (15:59)

    o   Russian vs. American culture

    o   Kettlebell sport athletes not fans of crossfit overall

    o   American Kettlebell Alliance / World Association of Kettlebell Clubs

  • Any rituals of kettlebell sport athletes? (24:29)

    o   Stage 5 (after event/competition over – eat whatever they want)

  • Does she find is she doesn’t have competition that she loses motivation? Has she over trained? How does she balance everything? (25:39)

    o   3 days a week

    o   Yoga, massage, stretching

    o   Forearm pain, elbow tendinitis and shoulder pain she sees in first time competitors

  • What growth potential does she see with the sport? What challenges? (35:01)

    o   Supportive community

    o   Understanding technique

    o   Spectators able to see body break down

  • Who does she aspire to be like? Best event? (42:52)

    o   Denis Vasilev

    o   Abigail Johnston

    o   Long cycle

  • How is she growing her business? (45:10)

    o   Teaches classes

    o   Using her website to offer free content

  • Is she truly living the kettlebell lifestyle? How does she unwind? (51:06)

    o   She eats for fuel

    o   Goes on vacations

    o   Stays away from meat (factory farming)

  • What is her ultimate dream? See the sport go in the next 3-5 years? (54:07)

    o   Flexibility to live and travel wherever she wants

    o   The sport gets national attention like crossfit

    o   Women helping to grow sport

    o   Women are the consumer, brand loyalty

    o   Breaking barriers

  • Where does she recommend someone start if they want to learn the sport? (59:35)

    o   Kettlebell Kings website

    o   Her website (free content)

  • They talk about the upcoming Silicon Valley Kettlebell Open at Mind Pump Media HQ (1:02:42)

    o   Huge prizes

    o   Food trucks

    o   DJ

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People Mentioned:

  • Sergey Rachinskiy
  • Denis Vasilev
  • Abigail Johnston