Show Notes Ep 500!

  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) / cannabis talk (1:07)

    o   Adam’s first experience

    o   Sal’s first experience

    o   Justin’s first experience

    o   Adam business ventures

    o   Health components

    o   War on drugs

    o   Caffeine

  • Guys get nostalgic about their beginnings and where they are now (38:06)

    o   Podcast beginnings

    o   First meeting recorded!

    o   Passion for doing fitness the right way

    o   Meld wellness with aesthetics

    o   How to monetize business

    *  Can’t sell something unless you buy into it

    o    Initial foursome with Craig Capurso

    o   Adam was the instigator

    *  Sparkly taint episode

    o    Therapeutic and no bullshit

    *  Bad day for the ego, good day for the soul

    o   Justin’s transformation

  • What are the guy’s greatest hurdles so far? (1:07:52)

    o   Justin’s transformation early on episodes

    o   Sal’s divorce

    o   Adam with learning to dial it back

  • Mind Pump’s goals / Gym talk (1:21:50)

    o   Help trainer’s succeed in their business

    o   Continue to seed out the bullshit in the fitness industry

    o   Shut down a gym

    o   Chasing the dollar vs. being passionate

    o   Build it up to burn it down

    o   The forum

    o   Constructive criticism

  • Direction Mind Pump is going (1:42:55)

    o   Hire on more people

    o   Social media platforms

    o   Provide best fitness media/content for trainers to start/grow their business

    o   Inviting trainers to their facility for free to help build their business

    o   New program with Dr. Brink

    o   Their facility and privacy

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