Show Notes Ep 499 Big Top Beard Co. Quah

  • The guys talk about Paleo f(x) and their excitement attending it for first time (1:34)
  • Conner Moore fills in for Justin and discusses new podcast/his story (6:37)

    o   Pleasure Monkey

    o   Being put in a category

    o   Being intimidated/having to sell themselves

  • Quah Question #1 – Body weight set point why men and women want to fight where their body naturally wants to be. How to do coach people to set natural and realistic goals? (21:16)

    o   True expression of yourself

    o   Focus on physical signs

    o   Ask yourself why

    o   Be real about what your body type is meant for

    o   Separate body image from self-image

  • Quah Question #2 – How do you pinpoint food intolerances if they only feel it in the mind? (39:45)

    o   Disconnected to their body

    o   Signs of bloating, constipation, diarrhea, skin/sleep/stress issues

    o   Elimination diet for at least a month

    *  Re-introduce and assess

    *  Track physical and emotional signs

    *  Pinner test

  • Quah Question #3 – Did Layne Norton change their minds on anything? (51:26)

    o   Psychological influence of food on the body

    o   Bad relationship with food

    o   Bro science

  • Quah Question #4 - If you can eat and drink anything without consequences what you choose? (1:070:50)

    o   Adam and his waffle cone with mint chip, chocolate chip and coconut pineapple (Thrifty’s)

    o   Sal and his Lays potato chips

    o   Conner and his cereal (Honey Graham Oh’s)

    o   Connection to food is just the taste

  • Artificial sweeteners discussion (1:15:15)

    o   Stevia

    o   Sweet prepares your body for sugar

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